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Introducing cPhour!                                                                                 New York based “cPhour” consists of Ryan Berg (Bass), Stacy Dillard (Sax), Craig Magnano (Guitar), and Jeremy Clemons (Drums) who all met on the NYC music scene in the early 2000’s. cPhour’s music pushes the envelope of the jazz idiom allowing room for influences from many genres, while respecting the music that came before them. They project a magical energy, love, and appeal to a very broad audience; young and old worldwide.  It is with that appeal, energy, and love that they bring their music to you.  cPhour: Always striving for something new, something fresh, and always true.

                                                                                                                                 “They are the best band of their generation.”

               -Jazz great Frank Lacy                                                                          “I have never felt so free to play anything as when I played with              them!”     - Joio Kuo, percussionist with Fela Kuti  

                                          “A must see!”             



   For Booking Contact Ryan Berg at:


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