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            Ryan Berg was born into a musical family.  His parents were musicians.  His grandparents were musicians. He has made himself a staple on the New York jazz scene being mentioned in numerous blogs where fans have claimed to have “loved the bass player in that band”. He has also been interviewed for Smalls live and other music publications and has played with a virtual who’s who of the jazz world touring throughout the globe.  Some of the musicians Ryan has played or recorded with include: Brianna Thomas, Gregory Porter, Ravi Coltrane, Mark Whitfield, JD Allen, Jeff Coffin, Lenny White, Rashid Ali, Gerald Clayton, Joe Sanders, Logan Richardson, Roy Hargrove, and many others… In addition to this, he has played on many albums, been a band member for a television show produced by Kelsey Grammer and been a member of many Broadway shows.

            Ryan is currently working on his own project producing, writing, recording, and playing on his upcoming album to be released in 2020.  It is this that is one of his current passions along with his current efforts as a sideman with notable musicians such asBrianna Thomas,  Josh Evans, Frank Lacy, Stacy Dillard, Jeremy Clemons, and many others.  He is also a player on the Broadway musical scene and is well sought after for his studio recording work.  Another passion of Ryan’s is the education of people through music in which Mr. Berg has taught through such venues as Jazz at Lincoln Center’s “Jazz for Young People” program as well as many clinics, master classes, and private lessons throughout the world.  He strives to teach people to “learn how to learn” through music.

            Berg’s music is in an interesting transition and his new album will be a conglomeration of the many experiences he has experienced in more than 20 years in the music business. His past band cPhour (Stacy Dillard, Craig Magnano, Jeremy Clemons and a host of other rotating musicians that have included Josh Evans, George Burton, Andrew Atkinson, James Shipp, Michael King, Orrin Evans, Marvin Sewell, Jonathan Thomas, Orrin Evans, Mark Whitfield among others) will play a role in his upcoming release that will be a modern blend of Jazz, R&B, World, Soul, Rock, and Blues. Basically you’ll have to check it out to see what it will be but know that it will be music that is from the heart and soul with maybe even a bit of controversy just for good measure.

            It is with all of this music and experience that Ryan seeks to bring to the world his love for music whether it be with his album, additions as a bass player, composing, or as an educator.  He looks to the future with a renewed positive outlook that a good attitude, heart, soul, and hard work is what changes this world one little bit at a time.


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